Meet a Member: Alden DoRosario

In our next installment of the Meet a Member series, we heard from TiE Boston Charter Member, Alden DoRosario, Co-Founder/CEO at DreamPick. Former Co-Founder/CTO at Chitika, about his journey and what led him to TiE.

Tell me about yourself and your journey as an entrepreneur.

The roots of my entrepreneurial journey were sown after the 2003 Internet bubble burst. While I had no intention of starting a business, my partner Dr. Venkat Kolluri convinced me that in America, we needed to OWN — rather than work for someone else. That got us thinking and after borrowing $7 from our wives, we started Chitika. It took us 18 months to make our first $1, but after that, we managed to launch our first product in the contextual advertising space which was dominated by Google Adsense.

As luck would have it, we were blessed with one of the greatest mentors one could hope for, on of TiE Boston’s founding members, Dr. Desh Deshpande. Desh pointed the way and we executed like beavers. Over the years, with zero dollars of additional funding, we bootstrapped our way to become №2 behind Google Adsense in the contextual advertising space. Last year, I started my latest venture, DreamPick, which is hoping to innovate in the daily fantasy sports space. We are planning to launch in the US market soon.

How has the pandemic impacted you?

Have you noticed that when in a Patriots game, whenever it starts snowing or raining heavily and the conditions are horrible, somehow Tom Brady and the Patriots would perform much better? Why? Because even though the conditions are horrible, the other team is suffering a lot more than they are. That’s the mindset that an entrepreneur needs in an environment like this. So even though the environment is tough, it is a lot tougher for your competition. And if the competition is not able to adapt, that’s a great thing for you, right? This is exactly what happened when we started Chitika, which was right after the 2003 internet bubble burst. When everybody else was getting slaughtered, closing down, and people were rushing out of the internet, we were the fools who were rushing in.

How did you get involved with TiE Boston?

How has your involvement in TiE changed along your entrepreneurial journey?

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs facing adversity?

Thank you to Alden for sharing his story! To learn more about TiE Boston and how to get involved, check out or reach out to

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